The formula is set...

It began back in the 90s, before the whole trance sound had exploded into mainstream culture there was hard trance.
Pioneering djs such as M-Zone & Mark EG would bang out super fast european trance music to eager ravers across the u.k. Speeds of 160 bpm and up was standard for the genre, the music provided an intense rush due to it's fast gated melodic riffs and driving baselines.
It was a feeling which nothing else could match and would light up dancefloors up & down the country.

Influenced by this In the late ninties, alot of djs in the rave scene were doing it but it was welsh duo Cally & Juice (Juice & Cally) who coined the phrase power trance to describe their blend of pitched up club trance. The sound had spawned a new sub-genre within the hardcore scene (trancecore/freeform) and elements of it could be heard in the majority of headline djs sets.

It was around the same time though something was happening to the original german hard trance sound, producers had begun to slow their tracks right down to a more "acceptable" club bpm of around 140bpm and exaggerated heavy basslines became their focus. While this new sound was still awesome (and I won't for a second suggest that it wasn't) it just didn't provide that same rush which the blistering melodies of older hard trance gave us.

But enough about the past, It's all about the future...

The powertrance podcast is a collection of mixes showcasing the best new trance music out there but with a twist.
Feeding off that original hard trance sound and mindset, we speed the tracks up in order to unleash their melodic spine tingling trance rush which when played at normal speed just isn't there.

We still think that each and every track is amazing when played at their intended pace but pitching them up brings out something extra.
It takes me back to those crazy days in the 90s but with present day ideas & production.
It's trance music for ravers and it's bloody powerful!


A Mega Noise