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The outer reaches

Life on earth as we all know it with all of its stresses, traffic jams and day to day nonsense that we take for granted is just an insignificant dot in comparison to what's out there in our universe.

Come with us on a galactic adventure as we set off first close to home in our solar system before blasting off at the speed of light to the edge of the unknown as we explore the outer reaches of...

episode 10

I'm just about to leave for a 2 month expedition around Europe so had to get this episode together quickly before leaving.
Don't think for a second though that the music is anything short of spectacular as I've put as much effort as always into searching out the best trance music out there.
So get listening and I'll be back with more soon.
p.s. I also have a mix of some of my favourite...

In My World

You know in my world, there were limitless oceans as far as the eye could see, a beautiful home until it started to dry out.
So I escaped, came here and met you, all of you!

The Visitor

The first witnesses reported seeing a bright light tearing across the black sky,
The next we heard, a man, a being was being held by the government,
They called him 'it',
'It' was being questioned to determine whether or not 'it' was a threat to us,
for a long time, 'it' did not speak,
until one day,
we do not know why 'it' decided then but on this day it asked it's...

Questioning Reality

If you woke up one day inside the world of a computer game which was completely identical to real life, how would you ever know?
It's time for another episode, which this time features samples taken from David Cronenberg's classic movie "ExistenZ". If you haven't seen it, is about a new virtual reality style computer game that when played is almost indiscernible from reality.
We also feature...

Do you really remember?

This episode features samples taken from the movie 'Momento', in it Guy Pearce stars as Leonard Shelby a man who due to a confrontation with an intruder in which he received a blow to the head, can now only remember for 15 minutes as he is unable to 'make new memories' as he describes it.

This raises an interesting question, when you think about it, your memories are only as real as your dreams...

The power trance podcast episode 5

It’s time for us to take you from the serene to the insane once again with another dose of tuffened up trance.
Hold on tight and feel the POWER!

… and remember it’s always better faster!

Episode 4

It's been quite a while but we're back baby with another dose of powered up trance!